Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer 2004

We went to the zoo on 29 June 2004. Grandpa Dysart came with us. You really attached yourself to him. Here you are helping him pull the wagon.
Sitting on a little elephant statue.
One of my favorite pictures of you! We are at the beach in Oceanside, Oregon. I love the perfect shadow!

May 2004

After Dad came from Iraq - he didn't have to go back to work right away. There was only 6 weeks of school left anyway. Dad and I both knew we would move after the following school year was done and started on yard work so the house would sell better. Here you are helping Dad fill the wheelbarrow. It was so hot that day. I love what you are wearing. Shorts - good idea. Snow boots. Not a good idea. You were also using a little tiny shovel. I love this picture!

Helping Dad spread the gravel for our new shed. You were Dad's little shadow when he came home. I don't know how much you missed him when he was gone because you were so little - but boy how excited were you to follow him around when he came home!

April 2004 - It's your 3rd birthday!

Last year we had your birthday early. This year we had your birthday a few days late. Why? Because Dad came home! :) Mom wanted him to not miss any more birthdays. It meant a lot to him.
You were into "Finding Nemo" this year. You have a Nemo cake.
Dad is bringing your lighted cake to you.

Spring 2004

Grandma Zaugg and Aunt Carrie came down from Oregon during Spring Break. Here you are with Grandma.
A picture of you and mom for dad.

Fall 2003

We had one super terrific thunderstorm in September. It left gigantic puddles in our yard in Eagar, Arizona. You are using them properly.
October 2003. Mom just doesn't have the arm strength to carve pumpkins so we permanent markered them.
Halloween. You are Thomas the Tank Engine. It was so windy and super cold this day. We didn't stay out long.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer 2003

We (I mean I) decided to get a dog. That meant I had to drive 10 hours from Eagar, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah by myself with a nursing baby, a toddler (you) and 2 older boys. Taking the same home again PLUS the dog. I don't know what I was thinking. I probably wasn't.
Anyway - here you are with Grandpa Rogers loving on Copper our dog. Unfortunately - you and Nephi developed nasty allergies. Everytime you were around him your nose would start to run and sneezing would start right up. We had to find him a different home. I hope his new people were good to him.

Spring 2003

April 2003. You are 2 now!
Spring 2003 - Spring break. Grandma Zaugg and Aunt Carrie and cousins came. We celebrated your birthday a couple weeks early. You turned 2. Kyrsten Kayann and Christopher are watching you with the cake.
Look at all the neat Little People toys you got! You loved playing with them so much. You were a good sharer though if little brother Nephi wanted to play too.